New Fund Announced to Provide Move-On Accommodation for Rough Sleepers and Victims of Domestic Abuse (England excl. London)

The Government is making available £50million across England (outside London) up to 2020/21 through the Move On Fund. The fund is part of a package of measures that have been announced through the Government’s new Rough Sleeping Strategy.

The Move On Fund aims to free up hostel and refuge spaces by increasing the availability of affordable move-on, or second stage housing, for rough sleepers and those in hostel accommodation, and victims of domestic abuse currently living in refuges who are ready to leave this type of provision but might otherwise not be in a position to access the next stage of housing.

The fund will provide capital grants contributing towards the costs of developing move-on accommodation for the target cohort. Revenue funding will also be made available to be accessed by successful bidders for the on-going tenancy support and facilitation costs to ensure that those accessing the accommodation are able to sustain their housing.

Funding outside of London is being allocated by Homes England through a Continuous Market Engagement (CME) process. There is no fixed bidding window for CME and the programme will remain open to receive new applications throughout the funding period. This is in addition to £50million that has already been made available for schemes in London through the Greater London Authority (GLA). Full details of the fund and how to bid can be found in the prospectus. Online bidding via Homes England’s Investment Management System (IMS) will open shortly.

If you have any questions regarding the Move On Fund please email

Organisations interested in applying for funding are invited to contact the Homes England area investment teams to discuss their proposals. The aim is to support delivery of up to 879 bed spaces in move-on housing across England (outside London). £44 million grant funding and £6 million revenue funding for on-going tenancy support costs is being made available for this purpose from 2018/19 to 2020/21.

Bidding for the Move On Fund will go live from mid-September 2018, and will remain open to receive new applications until 30 September 2020 or until funding is fully committed, whichever occurs first.

Useful Links:

Move On Prospectus

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