Sainsbury’s Local Food Partner Programme (UK)

Sainsbury’s is expanding its Local Food Partner Programme and is accepting applications from local charities to join the network.

Local food partner charities can collect dry and tinned food donated by customers and/or fresh food donated by Sainsbury’s to distribute in the community.

Applicants must be a registered charity, have appropriate Food Hygiene certification and be able to collect donated food regularly from your partner store.  A Food Partner must be able to:

  • Collect food from their local store regularly;
  • Put in place effective procedures for the receipt, storage and security of food provided by Sainsbury’s;
  • Ensure all staff involved in handling food are knowledgeable of food hygiene requirements;
  • Comply with legally acceptable standards of hygiene in handling, storage, preparation and serving of meals and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions where available.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Useful Links:

Application Form

Click here to download more details of the programme

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