Funding for Young People’s Social Action Projects – 19th August 2018 (UK)

Go Think Big are offering grants of up to £500 for social action projects put forward by young people aged 15 – 25. This is an opportunity to gain funding for a creative and unique project idea that will help society or the applicants local community.

Projects supported will help young people who feel isolated or excluded to make friends. The young people targeted may be outside of the school system, unable to participate in activities, or having to spend a lot of time in hospital.

Projects supported can be based around anything from skills workshops, podcasts or journalism pieces, to live events, community initiatives or apps and will be creative, entrepreneurial and innovative.

Applicants can be an individual or a group of people, where the project is led by a Project Leader who will be responsible for all communications and finances. Participation in the programme will run for 6 months; projects can take place at any point during that period or for the entire duration, depending on the nature of the idea and must:

  • Have a project leader aged 15-25 who lives in the UK and take place within the UK
  • Be rooted in social action i.e. have an element which benefits the community or young people within it
  • Be realistic, will be completed within 6 months, and achievable with up to £500
  • Consider how digital can be used. This may include, but is not limited to, digital platforms, digital connectivity, digital research or data management
  • Consider the use of charities or professionals where appropriate

The deadline to apply is Sunday 19th August.

Questions or queries can be submitted by email to

Useful Links:

Apply Online

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