Education Support Funding for Looked After Children and Young Carers – 27th August 2018 (UK)

The next closing date for applications to the British and Foreign School Society’s Looked after Children and Young Carers Programme is the 27th August 2018.   The aim of the programme is to improve approaches to the educational attainment of ‘looked after children’ and young carers in the UK.

Government data shows that looked after children have significantly poorer educational outcomes than children not in care throughout primary and secondary school, with the gap widening as children get older. Young carers experience similarly poorer educational outcomes and studies suggest that almost a third of young carers experience educational problems, such as absenteeism, as a direct result of their caring role.

The outcomes the programme wants to achieve are:

  • Looked after children and young carers are provided supplementary support that results in improved educational attainment.
  • Interventions made in the delivery of supplementary educational support for looked after children and young carers are proven to be effective and scalable.

Funding of no more than £100,000 is available over a 3-year period and match funding will be required.

Applications will be considered from educational or training institutions which have UK charitable status or, in the case of schools, colleges, universities and Churches, “exempt charity” status.

Useful Links:

Online Application Form

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