Inshore lifeboat and rescue boat charities to benefit from £1 Million Government Grant Scheme – 3rd September 2018 (UK)

Lifeboat charities are being invited to bid for part of a £1 million fund supporting water rescue services in local communities.  This is the fifth year of the Inshore and Inland Rescue Boat Grant scheme giving voluntary rescue groups nationwide a chance to secure funding for new lifesaving equipment.

The Fund is open to UK-registered charities that operate a rescue boat in the UK.

The 2018/19 Fund will contribute to costs of purchasing equipment to support rescue operations. Equipment supported by the Fund last year included rescue boats and other craft (e.g. flood rescue rafts, kayaks), launch equipment and launch vehicles, personal protective equipment and other crew equipment.

The Fund will not contribute more than 90% of the (ex-VAT) costs of these funded items. Applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to meet the remaining 10% costs.

The closing date for applications is midnight on Monday 3rd September 2018.

Useful Links:

Inland and inshore rescue boat grant fund guidance on 2018 to 2019 funding

Inshore and inland rescue boat grant scheme application summary sheet and checklist webform

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