Funding to Support Victims of Domestic Abuse – 17th August 2018 (England)

The 2018/20 Fund for Domestic Abuse builds on the £20 million allocated in 2016 to 2018 which has helped provide more than 2,200 new bed spaces in refuges and other specialist accommodation, supporting more than 19,000 survivors with a safe space to rebuild their lives. The 2018/20 Fund will support proposals for the provision of core support for refuges and other accommodation-based services, helping local areas ensure that no woman is turned away from the support she needs.

Specifically welcomed are bids which demonstrate that there is a need for the type of support proposed locally and that the solution proposed is designed to meet the needs of victims. For example, bids could be for specialist refuge places or for specific groups (i.e. for victims with mental health problems, substance abuse problems, or particular needs of different ethnic communities), or, where this best meets local need, other accommodation-based services with specialist support, or other services that enable victims to access this support.  All bids must help deliver the local strategy for domestic abuse provision and provide evidence of local need and gaps in provision in specialist refuge bed-spaces.

The Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government would expect to provide around £100,000 maximum per individual partnership bid but will consider bids of more than £100,000 which proactively work across a number of local authority boundaries.

Applicants are required to submit bids no later than 5pm Friday 17th August.

All work funded must be completed by 31st March 2020.

Previous projects funded include:

  • Lancashire County Council, £1,353,100.98 for a multi partnership project to support the establishment of ‘Jane’s Place’, which specialises in providing safe accommodation for those at most risk of harm and accommodates women and families across a number of self-contained flats.

 Useful Links:

Bidding Prospectus

Full List of Funding Allocated in 2016/18

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