Justice and Equality Fund Opens for Applications – 30th July 2018 (UK)

Rosa, a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK, has announced that as part of the new Justice and Equality Fund, its has opened two new funding programmes

The Advice and Support programme will invest up to £1 million in total for work in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to increase access to support, signposting and expert legal advice for people who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse. Rosa is also welcoming applications from specialist organisations providing emotional support to survivors. Grants will be between £25,000 and £100,000 for projects lasting up to three years.

The Changing the Conversation programme will offer development grants to eligible organisations to develop a strategic communications network that aims to build the capacity of organisations already working to raise awareness of the impact of harassment and abuse, challenge the current culture of impunity and to prevent both from happening in the first instance.  A total of £250,000 will be available to support up to eight specialist organisations.

The closing date for applications to both programmes is the 30th July 2018.

A further programmes of the Justice and Equalities Fund will open in the near future.  This is the Now’s the Time Programme, which will open for applications on the 3rd August for its small grants programme (grants up to £25,000) and the 24th September for the large grants programme (grants up to £100,000)

The fund is open to applications for activities and initiatives that are either:

  • Delivered solely by women’s organisations (which are led by, and work predominantly for and with, women and/or girls) or
  • Led by women’s organisations, in partnership with others.

 Useful Links:

Application Guidelines


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