Reducing Plastic Waste in the Environment: Apply for Funding – 8th August 2018 (UK)

Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £4 million in innovation projects to reduce the harm that plastics do to our environment and increase productivity and growth of the UK economy. The aim is to support the development of new polymers, processes, designs, recycling regimes, value added recyclate or bio-alternatives.

Eligible applicants will be a UK based business, academic organisation, charity, public sector organisation or research and technology organisation (RTO) carrying out the project work in the UK and intending to exploit the results from or in the UK.

Collaborative bids are encouraged, the lead organisation must claim funding through this competition and at least one other organisation in the consortium must also claim funding.

All projects must involve an SME. Only an SME can lead projects with costs below £100,000.

Any one business or RTO may lead on one application and collaborate in a further 2 applications. If a business is not leading an application, they can be a collaborator in up to 3 applications.

Academics cannot lead on an application but can be a collaborator in any number of applications.

Projects may include partners that don’t receive any funding (for example, non-UK businesses). Their costs will count towards the total project costs but they will not count as collaborators.

Projects with a total cost of between £50,000 and £1 million that can start by 1 December 2018 and end by 31 December 2020 and last between 3 months and 24 months are eligible for funding.

Apply by 12pm 8th August 2018.

Useful Links:

Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply

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