Department for Education: Teacher Subject Specialism Training (England)

The UK Government Department for Education is offering funding to school partnerships to provide subject specialism training courses for teachers in secondary maths, core maths, physics, French, German and Spanish. The aim is to support lead schools in working in partnership with other schools and partners in designing and delivering teacher subject specialism training to meet local and regional needs.

The funding is for the 2018 – 2019 academic year and will be paid to regional lead schools to distribute to local lead schools who will in turn lead other local schools in coordinating and developing the training in their region. Applicants may apply for more than one subject and should apply for the minimum number of participants based on capacity and identified participant need.

The purpose of the training is to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist teachers and those teachers looking to return to the profession and increase the number of hours taught, by offering school-led Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST) opportunities.

Schools and sixth form colleges eligible to apply will be:

Graded outstanding or good for overall effectiveness by Ofsted in their most recent inspection

Able to demonstrate evidence of collaborative working with strategic partners (schools, universities, professional bodies, subject associations and others) to design, develop and evaluate high-quality professional development


Email enquiries can be sent to:

Useful Links:

Teacher Subject Specialist Training Guidance Notes (TSST)

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