Grants for Projects Promoting Music as a Positive Aid to Mental Wellbeing – 17th June 2018 (UK)

Go Think Big are offering grants of up to £500 through Music & Healthy Minds – a grant scheme aimed at supporting creative and unique social action projects. Launched to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week (14-18th May 2018) young people aged 15-24 are invited to submit ideas for projects that promote the importance of having positive mental wellbeing and use music to facilitate this in some way.

Projects supported will be innovative and inspiring ideas which change the world around the applicant for the better i.e. projects that will make positive changes to the individual and their community. The aim is to provide funding that the applicant will use to help others develop a ‘healthy mind’ and explore the power in using music to facilitate this.

Projects could include film, radio, journalism or general media, which also considers using technology to harness your creative vision.

The deadline to apply is Sunday 17th June 2018.

Useful Links:

Apply Now

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