Funding Available to Help Celebrate the Centenary of the End of World War One (UK)

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust has announced that from June 2018 communities across the UK will be able to apply for fully funded grants to purchase silhouette Tommies to hold their own remembrance event, thanks to a new programme from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

With the centenary of the end of World War One approaching, communities across the United Kingdom are thinking about how they can commemorate and bring people together to remember. This programme will allow communities to access the silhouettes for benches and chairs free of charge. These silhouettes can be placed within community halls, places of worship and places of education, bringing to mind those who went to war and did not return.

Eligible Organisations can apply for an award to purchase up to 10 silhouettes. As part of the award, organisation that have received the silhouettes will need to hold a self-funded event to bring your local community together. Applications are open between 1st and 30th June 2018.

To be eligible to apply, organisation will need to be one of the following:

  • A charity
  • A Community Interest Company (CIO)
  • A school
  • A place of worship
  • A chapel or other place of worship, or multi-faith facility within a hospital or Armed Forces base, where people would not otherwise be able to engage in remembrance and engagement activity without financial resources
  • A community organisation with a constitution and a community space.

Organisations will need to have a constitution to apply. If your group is more informal, then you may be able to work with another local organisation such as a village hall or place of worship. They would need to be the organisation that applied for the award.

As part of their project communities will need to hold an event to bring people together to remember; and to think about the Armed Forces Community today. While the silhouettes are provided through the award scheme, organisations need to plan, organise and fund their event.

It should be open to people in the community and bring together people from the Armed Forces Community and the civilian community in their local area.

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