Grants for Voluntary and Community Based Organisations (Great Britain and Africa)

The Noel Buxton Trust supports voluntary and community-based organisations in Great Britain and in some of the most vulnerable parts of Africa. The Trust operates three funding programmes:

Africa Grants: Supports projects based in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan put forward by small charities.  Within these areas, priority will be given to work with communities living in urban slums and semi-arid regions where economic hardship is most extreme. Grants of up to £5,000 over three years are made to projects that focus on economic development i.e. small business support and training, and microfinance in both urban and rural settings; building sustainable futures in the semi-arid areas of Africa; and support for and protection of street children that helps them find safe and sustainable livelihoods.

Families and domestic abuse: The Trustees particularly acknowledge that there is a pervasive impact on children, and one that can affect them into adulthood and thus consider projects that work with survivors and/or perpetrators of domestic abuse. Grants of up to £5,000 over three years are offered to smaller, grass-roots organisations in England, Scotland and Wales with an emphasis on areas outside London, South-east England.

Penal Grants: Recognising the variety of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations working with offenders, grants are made to local campaigning organisations; self-help groups; and service providers as follows:

  • One off grants of up to £3,000 to pay for specific projects that help maintain relationships between prisoners and their families or for work that supports the contributions that volunteers make within the prison community
  • Grants of up to £4,000 per year over two to three years, particularly where a guaranteed on-going contribution is going to make a difference to the sustainability of a programme or activity.

Apply at any time by sending a short letter with a case for funding to the address on the website.

Examples of grants awarded:

  • Kanaama Interactive Community Support, Uganda – £3,000 towards a microcredit fund supporting women-led businesses in Kashare
  • Family Rights Group, UK-wide – £5,000 to help fund an on-line domestic violence advice service for parents
  • Key4Life, Ashfield YOI – £1,000 to offer through-the-gate mentoring and employment opportunities for young offenders.

Useful Links:

Guidelines for Africa grants

Guidelines for Family grants  with a focus on domestic abuse

Guidelines for Penal grants

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