Funding to Reduce Marine Litter – 30th September 2018 (UK)

In addition to their main programme, from spring 2018 Sea-Changers have announced a specific fund to address marine litter issues. The main objectives of the fund are to:

  • Address the root causes of marine litter in the UK.
  • Prevent/reduce marine litter impact on UK coastal and marine environments and/or species.
  • Add to the body of knowledge about the nature and impact of marine litter in the UK.

Sea-Changers will look favourably on groups applying for projects that:

  • Conduct beach cleaning activities
  • Can demonstrate connections to existing wider beach clean activities
  • Consider potential recycling options for material gathered

One-off grants of up to £600 (in exceptional cases £1,000) are available through normally two funding rounds per year. Approximately 60 per cent of the funding available will support projects in Scotland with 40 per cent going elsewhere in UK.

The next deadline to apply is 30th September 2018.

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