Nesta Announces Good Help Awards – 18th May 2018 (UK)

Innovation foundation ‘Nesta’ has launched the Good Help Award for practitioners running innovative ‘good help’ programmes which have the potential to transform public services across the country.

A first prize of £15,000 and two further prizes of £5,000 each will be awarded to three organisations that are taking a creative approach to helping people manage and overcome a range of issues – from long-term health conditions and homelessness to unemployment and special educational needs.

The Award is open to anyone offering ‘good help’ in the UK through an established project, programme or service where the seven elements of Good Help (identified in research by Nesta and OSCA – a social impact hub) are practiced. These are:

  • Power sharing – sharing control over decisions rather than directing
  • Enabling conversations – helping people to think through what’s important to them and why, and helping them come up with their own solutions
  • Tailoring – helping people define their own purpose and goals, in the context of their personal circumstances
  • Scaffolding – supporting people to sustain change over time, by helping people to make first steps with support and further steps by themselves
  • Role modelling and peer support – helping people develop relationships which give them support and inspiration to make changes
  • Opportunity making – creating opportunities or removing barriers, such as brokering relationships or practical changes to free up time or address financial constraints
  • Transparency – giving people access to all relevant information in a timely way, such as test results.

The deadline for entries is 18 May 2018.

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