Funding to Improve the Water Environment – 11th May 2018 (England)

The Water Environment Grant scheme provides funding to improve the water environment in rural England. Grants will cover work to rivers and their estuaries; lakes; canals; wetlands; groundwaters; and coastal waters. Ambitious and innovative proposals are welcomed, however funded projects will importantly demonstrate good value for money.

Charities, not-for-profit organisations, land managers (i.e. farmer, forester, tenant, landlord or licensor) and public bodies (local authority, parish council, national park authority) are all eligible to apply where they have the authority to carry out all activities in the proposal to enable the delivery of the project. Tenants of land under public body control must have a representative of the public body to countersign the application.

Project proposals based in urban or coastal areas may be submitted, however they must show how it will benefit a rural area e.g. an urban river restoration project that allows fish to migrate upstream to a rural area to spawn or a coastal or transitional water body. Find relevant information about the project proposal area here

Eligible project activities include:

  • Creation / restoration of water-dependent habitats, e.g. a watercourse, lake or wetland
  • Restoration of ecosystems in water-dependent habitats
  • Removing barriers to fish movement and/or construct a fish pass, bypass channel, or fish easement to restore fish migration
  • Managing the source of water pollution, especially diffuse pollution in rural areas
  • Remove or reduce the presence of non-native species, where they’re a problem
  • Sustainable use of water resources
  • Activities/events that help change agricultural practices to improve the water environment
  • Feasibility studies for activities to tackle environmental problems in water-dependent habitats

Grants of up to £2million are available (there is no minimum grant level) and can cover up to 100% of eligible project costs. Up to 15% of the grant can be used to pay project manager salary costs, rent or hire of site offices and compound, including utilities such as gas, water and electricity and communication and postage costs.

The scheme is open for applications until 5pm on the 11th May 2018.

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