Grants to Support Action for Marine Conservation (UK)

Marine conservation charities and not for profit organisations based and working in the UK can apply to Sea-Changers for a grant towards projects that take place in the UK and address the charity’s current objectives which are to:

  • Address the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.
  • Prevent/reduce negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and / or species.
  • Add to the body of knowledge about marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.

Sea-Changers has a particular interest in grassroots projects which galvanise community action and in projects which increase the number of people taking action for marine conservation.

One-off grants of up to £600 (in exceptional cases £1,000) are available through normally two funding rounds per year. Approximately 60 per cent of the funding available will support projects in Scotland with 40 per cent going elsewhere in UK

The first deadline for 2018 applications is 31 March 2018.

Previous grants have been awarded to:

  • Kent Wildlife Trust – £600 for Seasearch, a project that offer volunteer recreational divers the opportunity to get involved in helping to protect the marine environment. The grant will subsidise two days diving in existing or recommended Marine Conservation Zones around Kent to enable qualified volunteer Seasearch divers to record the habitats and animals that live there.
  • Polzeath Marine Conservation Group – £500 as a contribution towards the cost of an Outdoor Tubular Bottle Filling Station, installed at the top of the beach, accessible to everyone and offering quick, easy, clean drinking water specially to refill plastic water bottles as an alternative to purchasing more.–2018-.pdf

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