The Japan Society Small Grants Programme (UK)

Educational establishments such as schools and colleges as well as community based organisations that wish to develop projects and events related to Japan and Japanese culture are able to apply for funding through the Japan Society’s Small Grants programme.

The awards support projects with an education or youth focus. Most awards are of £1,000 or less and should not, in principle, cover more than 50% of the total budget. Applications may be made at any time and applicants are informed of the decision within 4 weeks of receipt of the application.

The Japan Society Small Grants give priority to projects:

  1. a) Which enhance understanding and awareness of Japan and its culture
  2. b) With an education or youth focus
  3. c) Which include an element of participation
  4. d) Which focus on the local community or take place in the regions

Previous projects supported include Witchford Village College which ran a Japan Day for year 9 students. It involved a variety of activities, such as kendo and taiko drumming performances, Japanese cookery, origami folding and haiku writing. The Japan Society small grant was given to support the workshop leader, lecturer and performer of the event.

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