Developing New Ways to Diagnose Asthma: Apply for Funding – 27th March 2018 (UK)

Researchers and businesses can now apply for a share of £1.25 million to develop tools to accurately diagnose asthma and help patients receive personalised care. The funding is being made available through Asthma UK and Innovate UK.

This funding aims to invest in ideas that improve the diagnosis of asthma so that patients can receive better, personalised treatment more quickly. The competition is seeking proposals with potential for adoption or commercialisation.

Proposals should address a number of challenges including:

  • Develop quick, accurate, reliable, low-cost, non-invasive tools capable of differentiating between different and changing asthma types;
  • Develop specific tools for under 5-years-olds able to predict those at risk of persistent asthma;
  • Prevent over and under-diagnosis of asthma using tools such as biomarkers, lung-function tests and ‘-omics’ technologies;
  • Use emerging technologies to ‘mechanise’ diagnostic processes in primary care and provide support to non-experts.

The deadline for applications is the 27th March 2018.

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