Grants available for Activities that Support National Vegetarian Week 2018 – 21st January 2018 / 25th February 2018 (UK)

The Vegetarian Society is making grants available to help support National Vegetarian Week community activities and events.

The grants are available to not for profit organisations in the UK (e.g. community groups, schools, and social housing schemes, etc); vegetarian groups, local network groups and student vegetarian and vegan societies; and informal groups of friends, parents or students. Activities need to take place during National Vegetarian Week (14-20 May 2018) and must promote National Vegetarian Week exclusively as the primary purpose of the funded activity.

The Society is accepting applications for both large and small grants this year. Small grants will be up to £200 and large grants to be up to £2,000. Large grant applications need to demonstrate how their activity will have a bigger impact. There are two closing dates for each funding pot.

The deadlines for large grants are the 21st January and 25th February 2018. The deadlines for small grant applications are the 25th February and 22nd April 2018.

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