Muscular Dystrophy UK Campaign – 12th January 2018 (UK)

Muscular Dystrophy UK has announced that funding is now available for PhD studentships and project grants (including shorter, proof of concept projects such as pilot studies of up to one year) that have relevance to one or more type of muscular dystrophy or a related neuromuscular condition.

There is interest in receiving applications for LMNA congenital muscular dystrophies. As well as funding scientific and translational projects the campaign are also looking to invest in research that will have a direct, positive impact on people’s quality of life, for example social or psychological research or projects with a focus on exercise or physiotherapy.

Funding amounts vary:

  • Up to £7,000 a year is available for 4-year PhD studentships
  • Up to £75,000 is available for 2-3-year projects and can cover any combination of salary and consumables
  • Up to £30,000 is available to cover salary and consumables for proof of principle projects.

Applicants must hold a contract which extends beyond the duration of the proposed grant period at an Institution approved by Muscular Dystrophy UK.

The closing date for applications is the 12th January 2018.

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