Yapp Charitable Trust (UK)

Grants of up to £3,000 per year for up to three years are available through the Yapp Charitable Trust to small registered charities to help with their running costs and salaries and to help sustain their existing work.

The funding is only available to registered charities a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000 and that work with:

  • Elderly people
  • Children and young people aged 5 – 25
  • People with physical impairments
  • Learning difficulties or mental health challenges
  • People trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin (such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, offending)
  • People who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children.

Previous projects supported include:

Barnsley Beacon Support Services which received a grant of £4,000 over 2 years towards running costs of this volunteer led charity offering support to parents and carers of drug and alcohol misusers.

The Bridge To Cross Charitable Trust which received a grant of £9,000 over 3 years towards the part-time salary of the Administrator at its drop-in youth provision in Abergavenny, Wales.

There are no closing dates and applications can be submitted at any time.


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