£15 Million Available to Firms to Cut Freight Emissions – 13th December 2017 (UK)

The Department for Transport is working with Innovate UK to provide a total of £15 million of funding to UK businesses to lead research into low emission technology for lorries, as well as cars and vans.

The scheme has been developed to help the government to achieve its ambition to be a global leader in electric vehicle technology and to see all new vehicles emission free by 2040. Lorries cause a third of the UK’s transport CO₂ emissions and simple new technologies can have the greatest impact in reducing the harmful pollutants of freight. Eligible projects could see materials that make vehicles lighter, or improve the efficiency of engines or batteries. All projects must be a collaboration between at least 2 partners, a business must lead the project and the total cost of the project should be between £250,000 and £4 million.

The closing date for applications is the 13th December 2017.


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