Causeway Youth Exchanges and Advance Planning Grants – 4th October 2017 (UK)

Causeway, the British-Irish exchange programme has announced that the next deadline for the Youth Exchanges programme is the 4th October 2017 (for projects that start between 1 January and the 30th June 2018).

The programme aims to strengthen and improve relationships between young people, and those that work with them, on the islands of Britain and Ireland. It promotes team working and joint activities and provides a valuable avenue for young people to explore their perceptions of identity and deal with issues of tolerance and diversity. The Youth Exchanges programme is for groups of young people aged 13-25 years and their youth workers/leaders. It includes the possibility of an ‘Advance Planning Visit’ which allows youth workers/ leaders to visit the partner group where the exchange will take place. The ‘host’ partner applies for both hosting and sending costs which are up to £450 for both organisations for: preparation activities; 70% of actual travel costs; up to £450 for activity costs and an allowance of £21 per person per day for a maximum of 30 young people per group and their leaders.

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