LESS CO2: Free Energy Efficiency Training for Schools (UK)

The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school including council run, academy or independent schools.

Funded via the Ashden Trust, the programme consists of a series of half day workshops spread through the year, peer mentoring, expert advice and resources. Through participation in the programme, staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school to reduce their energy usage, save money on bills and lower their CO2 emissions. Schools work together, learning from each other in clusters of 15 schools in a suitable geographical area, attending four local workshops throughout a year. The workshops teach the school’s representatives about energy saving in their buildings, how to engage with their fellow staff and students about energy, and educate them about the link between sustainability, energy use and efficiency. So far, 269 schools have benefitted from the scheme with those taking part saving on average £2,600 (and 10 tonnes of carbon) in their first year.

Every school in the UK is eligible to apply by registering an interest on the LESS CO2 website at any time.


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