AXA RoadSafe Schools Campaign has £15,000 Available to Improve Road Safety in Your Area (UK)

Insurance company AXA has joined the crowdfunding website ‘Crowdfunder’ to launch a new road safety campaign to enable local communities to source funds for safety initiatives.

Crowdfunding is an online fundraising platform that allows individuals and organisations to post projects for funding.  The aim is to set a fundraising target and then to raise the necessary funding through individual donations via the Crowdfunder website.  A total of £15,000 worth of match-funding is available for road safety projects across the UK that post their project on Crowdfunder. This is the next phase of the AXA RoadSafe Schools campaign to drum up support for safety initiatives and enable local projects find the funding necessary to make roads safer. Anyone is eligible to submit a Crowdfunder project, whether they are an individual, a business, a local road safety officer, or a school or local authority representative. AXA Roadsafe will then matchfund their fundraising target, when they reach it.  Ideas could be anything from raising funds for a lollipop person to organising road safety road shows for school children.

For our brief guide on Crowdfunding please click here.

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