New Fund Launched to Connect Charities and Social Enterprises to Social Investments – July 2017 (England)

The Barrow Cadbury Trust is partnership with Access – the Foundation for Social Investment has launched a new £1.8 million fund (Connect Fund) to strengthen the social investment market for charities and social enterprises in England.

The fund is not aimed at frontline organisations working directly with beneficiaries but at intermediaries and infrastructure organisations to make social investment work better for a wider range of charities and social enterprises. This might include:

  • Voluntary sector infrastructure organisations
  • Membership bodies
  • Community foundations
  • Sector, place or equalities networks and existing social investment intermediaries, etc. for projects that better connect social investment to charities and social enterprises.

The Barrow Cadbury Trust expect most proposals to fall into the range of small grants (£5,000 to £15,000); medium grants (£20,000 to £40,000) or large grants (£45,000 to £60,000). This is an estimate. A proposed grant request should reflect budget needs in line with potential for social impact.

Organisations interested in applying should submit an Expression of Interest by the 2nd July 2017.

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