Funding for Global Justice Education Projects (England & Wales) (Deadline: 30th September 2017)

CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales is currently accepting applications through its Large Grants programme.

Through the Large Grants programme, projects, groups and organisations involved in global justice education work in England and Wales can apply for funding of over £3,000. There are four Funding Streams to apply under. These are:

  • Justice and Peace – funding is for Catholic Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions/Networks and local groups only.
  • National Programmes – funding is for national Development Education organisations and small one-off projects often operating at the local level.
  • Justice and Spirituality – funding is for groups or organisations involved in projects that deepen or broaden an understanding of global issues specifically from a faith perspective as well as for those seeking to work ecumenically or fostering an interfaith approach.
  • Youth Funding is for youth groups and organisations working to develop creative approaches to global learning in partnership with CAFOD.

The closing date for applications is the 30th September 2017.

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