Funding to Tackle Inactivity and Economic Disadvantage (England)

Sport England have announced that they will be launching a new £3 million “Tackling Inactivity and Economic Disadvantage” funding round in mid-April 2017 for projects that target inactive people who have little income.

Sport England will be looking for innovative projects that get people active as well as using sport and physical activity to improve lives and communities. The fund will be split into two:

  • A £2 million pot of funding will support larger projects – up to a maximum of £500,000 for people who have little disposable income and find it hard to build physical activity into their lives
  • A second £1million pot for projects between £10,000 and £100,000.

This fund will focus on people who are far less likely to have a steady income, or any income at all, living more chaotic lives with additional challenges. For example, they may have an offending background, be dealing with alcohol or drug misuse, or facing mental health issues.

Details of how to apply will be published in mid-April.

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