Funding to Promote a More Resilient and Fairer Economic System (UK) (Deadline: 3rd May 2017)

The Friends Provident Foundation provides financial support to projects that promote a more resilient, sustainable and fairer economic system.

Support is available for projects that aim to:

  • Transform corporate behaviour and financial systems
  • As well as for projects that build local economic resilience.

Trustees will consider applications for grants, loans, underwriting or other forms of financial support.

Previous organisations supported include:

SUSTAIN, which received a grant of £75,000 for a concerted three-year campaign, drawing on the support of many people and organisations to achieve changes in government policy and industry practice to create a million good jobs though better farming and land-use.

ECHO, a trading network of over 500 organisations in East London that uses time as the currency, rather than money. This project received a grant of £140,000 and aims to develop and refine the infrastructure for local, sustainable Echo systems at national scale.

The next closing date for applications is noon on the 3rd May 2017.

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