Bursaries for Post-16 Students to Work with Scientists (UK)

The Nuffield Foundation has announced that the Nuffield Research Placements (previously Nuffield Science Bursaries) has re-opened for applications.

Nuffield Research Placements offer up to 1000 bursaries a year, for students to work alongside practising scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course are eligible to apply for a bursary to support them during their project. The Foundation are particularly interested in encouraging students who don’t have a family history of going to university or who attend schools in less well-off areas. Placements are available across the UK, in universities, industry, voluntary organisations or research institutions. Students doing vocational courses as well as academic ones are also welcome to apply. Students from all schools and colleges in the UK are eligible to apply.

When starting an application, the student is asked to specify which region their school is based in. It is important for students to check which region they come under as each has a different application deadline.


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