Government Launches New £7 Million Fund to Improve Peoples Financial Capabilities (UK)

In support of the UK Government’s Financial Capability Strategy, the Money Advice Service has launched a new £7 million fund to help understand more about how to improve financial capability.

The fund will be available to help organisations pilot new approaches to improving financial capability and evaluate their projects.  The “What Works” Fund provides financial support for projects which are focused on building evidence of the types of interventions that can make a measurable difference to people’s financial capability. Funding will be available for the evaluation of existing interventions as well as piloting and evaluating new approaches.

There will also be funding available to scale up existing programmes which have already demonstrated results to test the effectiveness of the project when reaching a wider group of people.

Applications are welcomed from charities and other third sector bodies including:

  • Trusts
  • Commercial organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Education bodies.

The Money Advice Service is encouraging organisations to express initial interest by completing an expression of interest form by the 8th July 2016.

Applications will need to register at before being able to submit and expression of interest form.

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