Causeway Youth Exchanges Grants (UK)

Causeway, the British – Irish Youth Exchange programme has announced that the next application deadline for its Youth Exchanges and Advance Planning Grants is the 1st October 2016.

Through the programme, grants are available for British groups of young people aged 13-25 years and their youth workers/leaders to participate in exchanges with their Irish counterparts. The grants are available for both sending and hosting young people. In addition, youth workers / leaders have the opportunity to apply for Advanced Planning Visit grants which allows youth workers/ leaders to visit the partner group where the exchange will take place. Sending Organisation Grants can apply for up to £450 for preparation activities and 70% of actual travel costs. Sending organisations can also apply for 100% of travel costs plus £50 per adult for advanced planning visits.

Hosting organisations can apply for up to £450 for preparation activities; up to £450 for activity costs and a per diem allowance of £21 per person per programme day (leaders & young people).

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