Tesco Re-Launches its Local Community Scheme (England, Scotland & Wales)

The second round of the Tesco Local Community Grant Scheme has re-opened for applications.

Grants of up to £12,000 are available to communities in England, Scotland and Wales. The scheme which is being funded through the 5p carrier bag charge will provide funding to local communities to improve local green spaces. This can include:

  • Creating pocket parks
  • Sports facilities
  • Woodland walks
  • Community gardens; etc.

Organisations eligible to apply include not-for profit organisations such as voluntary and community organisations, schools, registered charities, health bodies, community councils, development trusts, local authorities and housing organisations. The scheme will award six grants per year in each of the 428 Tesco regions. Tesco customers will vote over two weekends in their store for their favourite shortlisted local project.

Grants will then be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place in Tesco customer vote: £12,000 grant
  • 2nd place in Tesco customer vote: £10,000 grant
  • 3rd place in Tesco customer vote: £8,000 grant.

Tesco customers can also nominate local projects to receive funding. The deadline for applications is the 3rd June 2016.


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