Apply for Youth Partnership Funding (UK)

UK organisations and groups of young people active in youth work can apply for funding under Key Action 2 of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

Youth partnership projects can last between six months and three years, and organisations can apply for funding to support a combination of activities. Activities must create, develop, test and embed innovative approaches in youth work.  Under Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships for youth, organisations can also apply to undertake transnational youth initiatives which bring together two or more groups of young people from different countries to deliver initiatives fostering entrepreneurship and social commitment. Strategic Partnerships in the youth field must include a minimum of two partners from two different Programme Countries, including the applicant organisation. The number of partners and funding will vary depending on the project’s aims and activities. Strategic Partnerships can receive a maximum of 450,000 euro in funding for the maximum project duration of 36 months (12,500 euro per month).

The next application deadline is 11am (UK time) on the 26th April 2016.

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