New Ufi Funding Round Coming Up (UK)

The next round of Ufi funding opens for applications on the 4th April 2016. Registered charities, community interest companies, social enterprises, not for profits, companies, community associations, FE colleges and public bodies can apply.

Projects should be in the UK and focused on adult and vocational learning using technology that have tangible deliverables to the target audience. Eligible applicants can apply for support for 2 projects at a time and Ufi envisages investing in a wide range of projects from amounts as low as £2,500 to others in excess of £250,000. Match funding is not required but for projects over £100,000 having other investment would up the chances of success. The focus is to develop scale through technology. Rather than specific devices, Ufi is looking to fund projects for networks and mechanisms that have mass penetration.

When the funding round opens, applicants will have 4-6 weeks to make a Stage 1 submission. Successful applicants will go forward to Stage 2 and have a month in which to develop further more detailed proposals.

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