Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund (UK)

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund has grants of between £10,000 and £60,000 available to not-for-profit organisations that work with vulnerable young people and that have the potential to widen their impact.

The Foundation wants to fund organisations whose main purpose is about helping those in the most precarious positions, where making the transition to adult independence is most challenging, and those who are most vulnerable. This can include:

  • Young people in poverty
  • Those who are unemployed
  • Those facing discrimination, abuse, victimisation or exploitation; etc.

Projects can be funded for up to two years with the possibility of renewal in some cases. Whilst the Foundation will fund organisations in and around London, they also have a strong interest in and will prioritise support for those working in areas of social and economic deprivation elsewhere in the UK.

Previous projects supported include:

Action for Kids, which plans to work with schools across eight North London boroughs, encouraging them to make the voice of young people with learning disabilities central to planning for their future. The grant of £47,540 over two years will contribute to senior staff salaries to enable them to spend time influencing school leaders and spreading good practice. For more information on projects funded please click here. Applications can be submitted at any time.

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