Funding to Support the Work of Deaf and Disabled Artists (England)

The Arts Council England has announced the launch of a new programme to support the development, commissioning and presentation of a range of new works by Deaf and disabled artists.

The Unlimited III programme builds on the headway made since the first Unlimited programme in 2012. The fund will be open to Arts organisations including National Portfolio Organisations. To be eligible to apply organisations must have an annual turnover of over £800,000 and must evidence a track record in leading and coordinating commissioning and artists’ development programmes. A total budget of up to £1.8 million is available for the funding period 2016-20. Applicants can apply for flexible amounts across the four years, but please note that we would expect broadly comparable delivery and, therefore, broadly comparable spend across each of the four years.

Activities must start no earlier than the 1st September 2016 and funded activities must end no later than the 1st December 2020. All applications must be submitted by 5pm on the 11th February 2016.

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